Figma Black Rock Shooter: TV ANIMATION Ver.

Product Name: Figma Black Rock Shooter: TV ANIMATION Ver.
Price: 3500円 
Release Date: Early August 2012
Original: TV Animation Black Rock Shooter
Producer: Masaki Asai, Max Factory

This is my very first Figma, I bought her at the August of 2012. This is the animation version of BRS from the TV series which aired from Feb 3, 2012 to Mar 23, 2012. Well, the reason I bought her is because I saw a lot of figma collectors will have figma BRS and Miku, so she is a very popular among PVC figures.I also think that as a figma collector I should have at least 1 BRS figure, this is how I started my Figma collections. And I’m not regret getting her, I love her black colour outfit and also her weapons, Black Blade and Rock Cannon.

I could say that this Figma is very good, highly articulated, poseable/playable, feel solid and the paint job also quite good. Her outfit was made in rubber material if I’m right, so not much hindrance when you want to make some dynamic post. Her height is approximately 145mm. She do comes with a standard expression, as well as a more focused, glaring expression. This figma also come with additional head parts/face plates that allow you pose her without her hood, as well as a fringe part with the blue flame over her eye. And 2 poseable figma stand are included, which allows various poses to be taken.

This is how a brand new box look like. You can see the figure clearly with her weapons and the additional face plates.

Okay, my first Figma finally out from her box! And I’m getting excited.

This is the instruction booklet, read carefully before you play with her!


These are her face plates, hairs and hood. Left face place comes with serious glaring look, and the right one is her standard expression. I love the glaring look with the blue flame over her eyes.

   hands 2

Okay, 6 pairs of hands and come with a white colour… ummm… I don’t know how to call that, lets call it hand holder then! You could fit 4 pairs of hands on the holder, so you won’t accidentally lost the hands, but if you lost the whole holder, then there it goes… All gone.


I called this as goodies bag, because you can use it to keep all the extra face plates, her hands and also the instruction booklet.

These are her weapons, left side is Black Blade and the right side one is Rock Cannon which allowed her to battle with her enemies.

Lighting not good, so you can only see black colour Rock Cannon.

Maybe need some flash light. You can see the rusty effects on her Rock Cannon, and in anime it comes with a lot different modes, but this one can only do 2 modes.

These are the Figma stands, actually the right one is attach with an removable ‘C’ shape holder so you can hold her rock cannon easily, but I don’t use the holder so no pic for the function.

BRS with hood(anime version), looking good but not my taste. 😛

This is the front and back look of her. You can see her hair comes with blue colour texture which look very good in my opinion.

My favorite look, the blue flame eyes. Her hairs can be adjusted, you can compare with the previous pictures. If you look carefully, you can see the ball joints on her hairs.

Time to spam my favorite pose!

That’s all for my very first Figma, I would say this Figma worth to get and I’m not planning to letting her go. hahaha… Pardon me for my blur pictures because I just take photos with my phone and no proper lighting, only my dad have DSLR and now at Japan… And not much details photos because this figma stay in my shelf for quite long already, so I’m lazy to make a lot of different poses, different expressions. Hope you enjoy. ^^


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