Figma Saber Zero Ver.

Product Name: Figma Saber: Zero Ver.
Price: 3000円
Release Date: Late April 2012
Original: Fate/Zero
Producer: Masaki Asai, Max Factory

Hi folks, due to my internet down, I have delayed this post that supposeto be post on 6 June. Anyway, let’s get started with my 2nd Figma!

Right after I finished Fate/Zero Season 2(March 2013) and the urge of getting a figure from the series still burning in my heart, I saw a Japan Online Hobby Shop selling this Figma at 21% discount price so I grabbed  her immediately without any hesitation. Actually I like Saber Armor Version more, but I don’t want buy her at jacked up price which will hurt my wallet so I get this instead to cool down myself.

Saber, her name is Arturia Pendragon. Actually this is not her main suit, she only wear this when she is not in spirit form to accompany and protect her master’s wife, Einzbern in human world. If she wear her battle suit or armor in normal days, it would be too eye catching isn’t it…? People might think, DAMN! is she cosplaying or something? Well,  this only apply in our world not in the anime. Haha!

Okay, enough of bullsh*t. Now I will start with the content of this Figma. As usual, Figma always comes with different face plates, she has a standard expression, a gallant shouting face for battle poses and her elusive smiling face. Her signature noble phantasm Excalibur and Avalon are both included. Another version of Excalibur in its “Invisible Air” form which appeared earlier in anime also included. She also comes with alternate hair parts, as well as the special effect parts for her sword for even more dynamic poses. A poseable figma is included, which allow various poses to be take. No need to explain much here, you can see all of them in the pictures later. Oh yeah, her height is approximately 135mm.

Picture time.

Front view of the box. As usual, you can see most of the content.

Rear view, some poses that recreate from the anime.

Instruction booklet showing the extra face expression and hands, nothing much…

Her face plates. From the left, smiling expression, standard expression(kinda serious huh), and her shouting expression.

Uhmm… 2 types of hairs that I mentioned earlier.


Weapons. From the left side is the “Invisble Air” form Excalibur,  follow by normal Excalibur, Avalon and effect part.


Hands with a holder.


A pair of bracelet also included. Be careful, don’t lost it because it is very tiny.

Figma stand for various poses to be taken.

Goodies bag is included, I will use it to store my extra face plates, hands, hair and instruction booklet.

Posing time…

Normal look of Saber with her smile.


Saber with her noble phantasm, Excalibur and Avalon.


“Invisible Air” form Excalibur with effect part.

Dual wielder huh…

Master, I’m ready to serve you.


Sometimes I’m cute too.

This is how she pose in my shelf now.

End of my review… Although she is not my favorite Figma, but she still worth to be collect with her smart appearance, various accessories included and also the cheap price. You could get her famous bike, ex:ride Spride.05 : Saber Motored Cuirassier to post with her. I do have it, but I will post it next time. See ya peeps, enjoy my post!


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