SD DiaoChan(貂蝉)

It’s been a while since my last post because my net down so I couldn’t update anything.

Now, I will present my first Gunpla related post which is my latest completed kit SD DiaoChan that I finished it by 7th June 2013. Even though it was just a SD kit but still took me 2 days to complete it. It was also my first built SD kit so it was quite meaningful for me and also a new challenge for me to detail it up. It was a bootleg model because I couldn’t find the original in my local hobby shops and some online shops in my country, I have no idea  it is a rare model or what. But still I can say that this bootleg kit plastic quality and foil stickers provided were quite good and I’m satisfied with it.

In gunpla-ing, I don’t like foil stickers so I painted most of the parts that require stickers and also the blank part to give a better appearance. So please don’t expect you can get result same as mine if you just straight build it.

And picture time, I will show the content and also before painted and after painted. Enjoy ya. 🙂

First of all, the box art. Look beautiful right, the pink colour suit her well.

Instruction booklet, as usual read this carefully. And also a paper scarf is provided and you will need it later, please be extra careful when cutting it out from the booklet.


Nothing much to say, normal steps for snap fitting and a short comic that usually included in all BB Senshi kit if I’m not mistaken…


Wow this is SD kit huh… So little amount of runners and parts are molded in big pieces. Polycaps are use for the joints.

Foil stickers are decent quality but 2 of the stickers of her fan are printed wrongly, should be opposite direction for opposite fan. You will find it out when you build it yourself, so I have decided not to use the fan stickers as well.

As usual how I build my gunpla, always started with head. Simple part separation and pretty straight forward build.

Not sure how to call this, is it a hairpin? The two big pink colour flowers are looking great and outstanding!

This is her head. Simple and nice, I like it. 🙂

Upper body part. SD kit really straight forward build, nothing special.

Side joints for arm attachment, ball joint neck for head and the back.

Lower body part. I guess that joint only use it SD kit because I never see before in my other kits, maybe FG gundam using it… Not sure though.

Left picture is the front skirt, whereas right side is rear skirt. Sticker only provided for front skirt, so rear skirt is plain and boring look.

Left arm no different with this so I just post her right arm. Haha looking short but cute. 😛

Right shoulder. Left shoulder plate will be opposite with right shoulder. You can see it later.

Left foot, 3 simple pieces only. LOL

Left view, right view and bottom view of her left foot. Pretty interesting design which got a words under her feet, this is her name in Chinese characters, 貂蝉. But I think I fit wrong piece so now her left foot is the word “貂” instead of “蝉” in this picture.

A lot details on her fan but only molded in puke gold. Sticker is needed to make it look beautiful unless you plan to paint it.

Complete snap fit without and stickers and paint. Now you can see the shoulder difference right.

I cut out the paper scarf carefully with scissor and make the two holes with hobby knife.

Okay, the kit will be undergoing painting. I will not post the pictures of how I paint it and every single pieces of the painted parts, just a complete kit.

As you can see, most of  the parts are painted. The only thing that I didn’t paint is pink colour part and the puke gold of her fan. All the red are painted with Gundam Marker Metallic Red(GM 16). Gold part of her hairpin and crown were spray painted with gold paint, whereas the gold on her front skirt is painted with Tamiya Gold Leaf(X-12). Upper body part is spray painted with silver colour.

I even painted the inner details of her shoulder armor, words under her feet and also most of the details of her fan. Although some brush strokes are quite obvious on larger surface like her shoulders but still in acceptable range because it just painted with marker pens so didn’t put too much expectation to achieve a smooth result.

Conclusion of this kit.

  • Pretty straight forward build, not much part separations because it just a low cost model kit.
  • Normal articulation for a SD kit, small amount of joints provide limited range of movement.
  • Balancing not so good due to the uneven surface under her feet.
  • Details are great, put in more effort will make it look decent instead of a cheap and plain looking kit.
  • Overall I love this SD kit, and I enjoy the simple build after I built much more complicated MG kits and Zoids.

Anyway this is the end of my post, hope you guys can try it out by yourself. Try to detail up your kit instead of just using the stickers provided, it will be more fun if you paint it yourself. Marker pens, hand painted, spray cans, airbrush or whatever methods not a matter, just do your best and enjoy the fun! Hope you guys will enjoy my post as well, feel free to ask me if you have any doubt regarding this post or any modelling methods and skills.

See ya. 🙂


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