GBWC 2013 Malaysia

One year one time, the biggest event in Gunpla World hit Malaysia again, the Gunpla Builders World Cup(GBWC) 2013! Modelers will be present and compete with their masterpiece during this event. We will also have Gundam Expo held together with GBWC 2013 in Ikano Power Center from 7-13 October,  and I heard that they will bring the awesome 1:1 scale Gunpla Hand to the event. So we shouldn’t miss this chance!

This time will be 7 categories:

  • Open Category (Age 15 and above, born on or before 1998)
  • Junior Category (Age 14 and below, born on or after 1999)
  • New Challenger (Open and Junior)
  • HG Category (High Grade models only)
  • Best Colouring
  • Best Creative and Modification

And I encourage all the gunpla builders in Malaysia participate in this event, grab a kit from Litt Tak, build it or customize it, then submit your entry to Litt Tak Sdn Bhd. You can learn a lot and gain experience through this event. Not only that, you will have chance to meet with other great modelers in Malaysia, sharing your experience and enjoy the fun. This surely will be a great  event for Malaysia modelers, even though you not going to participate the competition, you still can to there check out the entries and also the Gundam Expo.

For further information, kindly can click the link below and download the entry form. Those who want to participate in GBWC 2013 can print out the form. Good luck for all the participant. 🙂

GBWC 2013 Entry Form


5 thoughts on “GBWC 2013 Malaysia

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  2. Well i already have a few project well underway, it just to finish them and choose which to enter since i don’t expect to win any this time around with all the sifu coming out from their hiding hole >.<

  3. Hope i can join this but look like they limit one kit per participant this time around. Also typo on the venue, Ikano Power Center become Ikano Power Station. XD

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