Sazabi Formania modeled by Chriswoo

Hi folks, long time no see because having internet problem.
Today I will start posting some Gunpla from other collectors, so that more people will get to know to this hobby and also build up their interest. So let’s get started with a work done by a Malaysia modeler, Chriswoo. I know him on a forum, I like his clean yet beautiful build so I will share a lot of his work in future.
Alright, seeing is believing. I no need type too much of words, you can justify his skill from the pictures below, hope you guys like it. 🙂



Finish looking at these pictures you should know how skillful he was.
This Sazabi Formania was a masterpiece, having such a great details. But this kit actually is a conversion kit, you will need a MG Zaku ver 2.0 inner frame/skeleton to build this resin kit. It required great skill to complete and bring it out. It is not easy to assemble and also you need to paint it and will be pain in arse if you don’t have good skill or tools for painting. This is totally a different level of modeling, so make sure you have the required skill if not it will be wasted.

Although candy colour not my favorite but this build totally impressed me, how can I not sharing this great masterpiece work with you all? For those who like Sazabi but don’t have skill to build this kit, no worry… You can always buy High Grade or Master Grade Sazabi or even upgraded version from China bootleg, they were nice and also nicely detailed. And one more thing Sazabi Formania isn’t cheap, so make sure you have the budget as well. 🙂

Lastly, special thanks to Chriswoo that he allowed me to post his model collections.
Till next time, sayonara(さようăȘら)~


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