Figma Strength TV Animation Ver.

Product Name: Figma Strength TV Animation Ver.
Price: 5800円
Release Date: January 2014
Original: TV Animation Black Rock Shooter
Producer: Masaki Asai, Max Factory

Transient fugitive continued to adhere to the “imaginary world”.

TV anime “Black ★ Rock Shooter”, Vicious Mind body of Kotari (Kotari) Yu “strength” comes a figma!

  • Of figma original joint parts fixed and Kichi~tsu and smooth, I reproduce every scene in the play.
  • To ensure the range of motion without having to adopt a soft material in costume parts and prevent proportions.
  • In addition to that seemed to shut the feelings of “normal face”, I was available to show during the fight and “volupte face” and “crazy face”.
  • Joint of the finger to so moving “Ogre arm (arm auger)” The arm of the giant machine that conspicuous, I can enjoy a variety of poses.
  • You can change the muzzle to the fingertips “Ogre arm”, “replacement parts muzzle” is also included.
  • A pedestal for exclusive use of figma with a movable prop enabling various scenes is bundled.

A must get Figma for me! But too bad I’m unable to complete the series even if Figma Chariot release because I’ve skipped Dead Master TV Animation Ver. due to the veil that I dislike and now I’m regret because after removed it will look damn sexy. So I will buy Pre-owned one day when I have the budget and also opportunity.

So BRS fans should get at least one Strength or even two if you want to recreate the 4 arms scene from the anime series before it is too late and regret like me. 😦


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