1:1 Saber Motored Cuirassier

Source via dannychoo

OMG! I actually jaw dropped when I saw this post although it should be an old news. But damn my favorite anime bike was come in real life! I only have the ex:ride Spride.05 : Saber Motored Cuirassier, I never expect there will be a real bike. If one day I have the money, I might ask someone to custom this bike for me. 😛

Quote from Danny “Saber’s Motored Cuirassier is certainly a mouthful to pronounce ^^; The Nitroplus boss was having a conversation with Good Smile one day and casually said that it would be cool to have a 1:1 scale Motored Cuirassier – and the Good Smile team actually went and made one!

The bike actually works but Japanese laws prevent it from being ridden legally on the roads over here. The problematic parts are the pointy bit at the front and back which could end up impaling somebody ^^;”


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