About me, Pendragonx

This will be an introduction about me!

I’m a Chinese that live in Malaysia, I know a lot of different languages and now currently studying Japanese because I love Japanese culture and want to visit or even stay in Japan in future. The reason I’ve chosen Pendragonx as my blog name because I like it and also my real name started with letter ‘P‘.

I collect Gunpla and PC Figures, so I will talk about them in my blog.

Gunpla(Gundam model kits) playing an important role in my life, so I would like to let more people to join the fun. For me, Gunpla is an art and it can also build our creativity through the assembly process, modifying or even create your own model! But there are too many things to learn in Gunpla, and I’m not a master that able to teach you. So basically I will just post some photos of my Gunpla collections which I assemble during my free time.

Meanwhile, I also have a little collections of Figma(Character figures from anime/games). And I also love them a lot, so I will be sharing with you all as well. Maybe I will get into some other PVC figures and even resin kit in future, keep in touch so you can see more interesting updates.

Alright, since you already arrived here, just stay on your computer screen and enjoy my post, drooling over my collections, and envy all the fun that I’m having. If you not yet started Gunpla, I encourage you to do so to build creativity in your mind ^^.

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